PP-RCT Monolayer

PP-RCT Multilayer

PP-RCT Multilayer UV

PACV joints and grooved fittings Alfarapid, available from size ø 1 “1/2 to 6”, to connect to pipes and grooved systems (Victaulic  type).

Transition fittings with metal inserts to connect the new system to formerinstallations or to other threaded metal elements.

PACV flanges (PN16 from size ø 1 “1/2 to 4” and PN10 from size 5 “to 6”) and flange adaptors to connect the system to other flanged systems. 

A complete range of pipes and fittings for outdoor applications.

Compact PP-RCT valves with chrome plated brass ball and pin, available from size ø20 to ø160. Thanks to the one-piece body and the welding technique, they grant high safety parameters (the ball and gasket cannot move from their seats, even under the most extreme operating conditions).

Saddle fittings that can be welded directly to the external part of the pipe, suitable for practical and reliable end-center and end-side arrays.

A complete range of pipes and fittings.


Thermal Expansion Alfaidro Faser add to the advantages of PP-RCT those of the intermediate fiberglass layers, making the pipes mechanically more stable. Thanks to their dimensional stability, they are best suited for heating and cooling systems, compressed air systems and various industrial applications. The intermediate layer reduces the thermal expansion (-75% ca) and so the amount of fixing points (-30%) required.